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ブランデー Croft - 36º - 1L

브랜디 Croft - 36º - 1L


Brandy Croft - 36º - 1L

Brandy Croft - 36º - 1L

Brandy Croft - 36º - 1L

Brandy Croft - 36º - 1L


Бренди Croft - 36º - 1L

白蘭地 Croft - 36º - 1L

براندي Croft - 36º - 1L




Brandy Croft


The Croft brand is one of the most distinguished of all Brandies and Port Wine producing houses.


Founded in 1588, it is the oldest active company in the area and is particularly known for its Port Wines,

thanks to the skill and experience that has been passed down from generation to generation.


Behind each major wine producer is a large vineyard.


The cornerstone of Casa Croft's distinctive style is the famous Quinta da Roêda,

described as the jewel of Port Wine properties.


The wines of this magnificent property, which contains some of the oldest vineyards in the Douro region,

form the heart of Croft's Vintage Port blend.


As important as its history, traditions and vineyards, is the fact that Croft remains a family company,

dedicated to producing all styles of the best Port wines, from the full-bodied Porto Reserva

to the iconic Vintage wines, very appreciated both by the connoisseur and the collector.




Origin: Portugal

Producer: Croft & CA Lda


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