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With the exception of contracts already signed and in executionDiamantino Simões Borges Lda reserves the right to modify -unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice- the Presentation, Contents, Services and General Conditions of Use of this website, in order to improve it. 

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A Diamantino Simões Borges Lda it presents information regarding the essential characteristics of the products, through technical descriptions provided by its suppliers as well as through photographs that illustrate the products marketed, in strict respect for the best market standards, so that they reproduce the product in an identical way.

Efforts are made to ensure that the information presented here is up-to-date and free from typographical or image errors and - in the event of its occurrence- Diamantino Simões Borges Lda proceed - as soon as possible - to the respective correction.

Pricing Policy

1- The prices of all goods available on this website are, exclusively applied to purchases made through this way, presented in Euros, VAT included and are the same in all countries.

2- In the case of the occurrence of a price error not foreseen by Diamantino Simões Borges Lda, notorious and unambiguous, of computer, manual, technical or any other origin, which distorts, discourages and makes it impossible to satisfactorily fulfill any contract, the purchase order will be considered invalid.

   3- Except contracts already firmed and in execution, Diamantino Simões Borges Lda reserves the right to change prices at any time.

Shopping Simulations

1- Made by Unregistered Clients : Always presents the Value of the Shipping that:

- It is correctly applied when the Total Value of Products Purchased is less than the Exemption Amount;

- Must be deducted when the Total Value of Products Purchased is equal to or greater than that.

2- Made by Registered Clients: The Simulation Value is always correct because:

- Contains Shipping when the Total Value of Products Purchased is less than the Exemption Amount;

- Does not contain shipping when the Total Value of Products Purchased is equal to or greater than that.

3- The Shipping Exemption Values shown in the Table reproduced below (right column). 

Shipping Policy

1- The values of the Shipping Costs are those shown in the Table below.

2- Presented in Euros, vary according to the Destination Zones and the VAT is included.

3- The amount from which the Exemption of Shipping Costs is -also- in Euros, differs depending on the Destination Zones, contains VAT and is shown in the same table.

Regarding the table above, as the Current List of Destinations for the Sending of Goods and Services Purchased, Diamantino Simões Borges Lda reserves the right, at any time:

- add or remove Countries and / or Regions;

- change its values.

Payment Methods

- Multibanco;


- Credit and Debit Cards;

- Bank transfer.